Burgundy dress – the choice of strong and independent women

Burgundy is the choice of strong and independent women. The shade is considered the most noble and luxurious, so a girl of any age in such a dress will look expensive and elegant. Among the various styles of dresses in burgundy, you can find options for the office, evening walks, going to a restaurant or for more important events. In the material we show how beautiful and expressive a dress in this rich shade looks on ladies of different clothing styles.


Burgundy – to whom color is perfect

Burgundy color was relevant a few centuries ago. The dress in this color was chosen by the court ladies and was considered one of the most stylish and luxurious. Today, burgundy is very often used by fashion designers who represent different styles of dresses in a casual and festive way.


Dress in a burgundy shade will always look great on ladies of any age. Color is considered the most practical and versatile, among other traditional shades. A burgundy dress can calmly choose both a burning brunette and women with a lighter color type.


Burgundy Dress Models

The burgundy color looks very elegant in a monochrome style. Dresses in this color with various elements in the form of jewelry, rhinestones, sequins and embroidery also look harmonious and show an unprecedented luxury of the image. Depending on the preferences of the woman, as well as the purpose of use, more eccentric dresses or styles with a straight cut are chosen without unnecessary decor.


Burgundy office dress

If you are tired of classic business dresses in black, then you can safely replace them with burgundy styles. Color is considered restrained, and a dress in this shade will be concise and elegant. The dress is suitable for both ordinary workdays and for more serious meetings in the restaurant. In the first place among office models is an elegant sheath dress. In burgundy performance, the model will be even more expressive and attractive. Thanks to the style, slender and full girls can wear the outfit.

Professionals note the following selection criteria:

Wide hips are best hidden with an elegant length below the knees, so the lady will be able to focus on slim legs; Holders of a voluminous figure can choose a sheath dress with an elegant strap. This will allow you to tighten the silhouette and make it more proportional; For slim and thinner women, a sheath dress will allow you to increase volumes in the right places, for this you can choose styles with drapery and peplum. https://www.pinterest.ru/https://www.pinterest.ru/

Burgundy noodle dress

Noodle dress has become a favorite in the wardrobe of many women. Thanks to the style, slender girls emphasize their figure, and a dark shade will only enhance this effect. Using a combination of burgundy and a dress, a woman will be able to highlight a bust, hips and waist.


Unfortunately, such a dress is not suitable for women who have even small problems in any area of ​​the figure. Dress-noodles only visually indicate flaws.

Shirt dress in burgundy

For everyday use, a shirt-style dress model is suitable. For a slim figure, you can choose a style of any length and shade of burgundy. Ladies with excess weight will suit a dress with a longer version and a loose cut. Under the outfit, you can choose comfortable boots or flirty hairpins.


Burgundy color is considered a chic and expensive shade. A dress in this color will always look elegant and luxurious. Women in a burgundy dress will be the most attractive in any setting.

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