Briefly about the main: how age and hangover are related

Briefly about the main thing: how age and hangover are related ©

Alcoholic nirvana in 20 years has no boundaries. You can drink two buckets of tequila and wake up just with light bruises under the eyes and not feel any headaches when the body is still active and young. But by the age of 30, everything changes dramatically: in your first-aid kit there are more and more tools that help you survive a hangover, even if you drank just one glass yesterday.

What determines that a severe hangover comes with age? Is there any way to do without headaches in the morning? Why is alcohol more dangerous for those over 30? We will try to establish a causal relationship and understand how to simplify our lives (spoiler: it seems that you need to drink much less).


Metabolism is one of the main factors affecting alcohol poisoning. Do you know that even a sip of alcohol provokes minimal poisoning of the body? And since metabolism begins to work less actively and debugged with age, our body "accumulates" harmfulness and does not have time to get rid of them.

Other biological clocks

Ethyl alcohol affects body temperature (yes, when your cheeks are burning with wine, and the vessels expand). During sleep, body temperature should drop, but in a state of hangover, it increases, which prevents you from getting enough sleep and makes your head "plague" in the morning.


When you get older, your immune system weakens and the body spends much more time recovering than before. Now any illness lasts longer, the symptoms are complicated, and injuries heal for ages. If you compare a hangover with chickenpox, everything will be much simpler: in your youth you will suffer chickenpox and forget about the disease, like a nightmare, but at an older age you will have to suffer a little.



Another reason to go in for food and sports is that fat does not accumulate alcohol, which means that ethyl alcohol is absorbed worse. The older a person – the more fat and less water in him. If you do not want to die from a hangover in the morning, limit yourself to a glass of wine and do not try to repeat the exploits of younger girlfriends. In the end, they too will grow up and understand your suffering.


One study in South Korea suggests that the production of enzymes and antioxidants that break down alcohol into acetaldehyde in your liver may decrease with age. This suggests that the absorption of alcohol by the body is reduced and it becomes more difficult for you to "remove" all the bad elements from the body. Yes, that's why you suffer from a hangover.

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