Blue T-shirt: 8 of the most stylish models and what to wear them with

A blue T-shirt is a rather interesting choice when making an everyday look. This is not only a versatile piece of clothing, but also very stylish, which will help you create a lot of original and convenient images for the summer or off-season. Today we will talk about the most fashionable models of blue T-shirts, as well as what to wear them to look stylish and modern.

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Long blue t-shirt

The perfect solution for everyday life is a long blue T-shirt. It can reach the middle of the buttocks and even to the middle of the thigh. This length is suitable for both young girls and ladies aged. We recommend wearing the item as a separate wardrobe item or with skirts, trousers, shorts, and also jeans. The most spectacular combination is obtained with skinny pants and comfortable sneakers, boots or even shoes.

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Short blue t-shirt

A short blue T-shirt or crochet top is a skinny summer trend. Most often, such a wardrobe item is chosen by younger girls and combined with stylish jeans, shorts, trousers or elegant fitted skirts. From shoes we recommend to look at comfortable sneakers, loafers, mules, clogs, sandals, sandals or shoes. Of the accessories, bags or backpacks, as well as a variety of hats, are ideal.

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Wide blue T-shirt

A wide oversized T-shirt will suit both slim women and those who want to hide some figure flaws. Combine a wide blue T-shirt, preferably with fitted or wider trousers. This t-shirt, if it is also long, can be used as a stylish tunic-dress.

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Tight blue t-shirt

We advise you to look at the fitting models of T-shirts. They are suitable for girls who can boast perfect body shapes. The most spectacularly blue T-shirts of the fitted silhouette will look with full skirts, as well as with flowing, light and wide trousers.

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A blue T-shirt is a great solution for everyday life. But do not forget here about the compatibility of colors. You can try to use white, black, gray, beige, yellow, blue, blue, pink, coral and lilac wardrobe items together with the top.

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And which image did you like best? Looking forward to your comments!

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