Bill on Tobacco and Cigarettes: Everything You Need to Know

Bill on Tobacco and Cigarettes: All You Need to Know ©

Smokers in Ukraine want to "sweeten" life. Authorities are considering a law on the sale of tobacco products and cigarettes, which could greatly change the tobacco market.

The editors figured out what would change if the new cigarette law came into force.

The new bill on cigarettes in Ukraine: the essence

The Verkhovna Rada proposed a new bill on cigarettes, which will regulate the sale of tobacco products. Anti-tobacco bill No. 2813 was presented at a briefing on January 30.

According to the proposed changes, the following will happen:

tobacco counters will no longer look attractive. Prohibit backlighting, banners with advertisements, photographs and bright elements the age of consumers will be raised to 21 years; images on packs of cigarettes and tobacco-containing products will become much more intimidating – now the consumer will see rotten teeth, black lungs and more; smoking in most public places will be banned; flavored cigarettes will be banned.


But this is only after the bill comes into force. In the meantime …

In the meantime, the situation should not scare adult consumers. For example, in Canada it has long been impossible to find cigarettes on the shelves for the seller. Now they need to be asked about the availability of certain cigarettes, because even if they are on sale, they most likely are in a closed box. They see less – smoke less, the logic is simple.

Pictures on tobacco-containing products and cigarettes have long been printed in Europe. Not only frightening and nasty, but also illustrated by good designers. You can see on these packs and sick children, and impotence, and all sorts of horrors about the organs. In general, everyone will not quit smoking, of course, but they will have to give up cigarettes that are very impressionable.

Fact: cigarettes in Ukraine are considered one of the cheapest in the world.

So what do you do to me, bill? I actually smoke electronic!

Electronic cigarettes and tobacco heating devices also equate to regular cigarettes. Now it will be impossible to smoke them in public places (probably if the law is passed), and only people over 21 will sell devices (and tobacco-containing stuff for them).

Conclusions about the bill on the sale of tobacco products and cigarettes

Nothing significant will happen. There are suspicions that smokers will continue to smoke, but those who cannot stand the smell of cigarettes in restaurants and bars will find it much easier.

In any case, we are waiting for the adoption of the law and keep you posted.

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