Beer and wine: which alcohol is best to drink during a diet

Beer and wine: which alcohol is best to drink during a diet ©

Diet, for whatever reason you would not observe it, excludes the use of any alcoholic beverages. If the doctors prescribed you a diet and you stick to it because of health problems, then there can be no question of any alcohol. But with diets for losing weight, things are a little different and more optimistic.

There is an opinion that alcohol during a diet not only harms the skin, but also reduces the chances of losing weight. We decided to sort out the issue and find out what kind of alcohol can be drunk during the diet and whether it is possible to add a glass of wine to the daily struggle with sweets and flour.

Beer and wine: which alcohol is best to drink during a diet

Can I drink wine while dieting?

We know very well that you hate spoilers, because we also treat them negatively. But in the case when it comes to whether it is possible to drink alcohol during the diet, it is better to spoil it and say everything as it is: drinking during the diet is not advisable.

However, the prohibition is not so straightforward and obvious. Most likely you are not losing weight for a week or two, which means your diet falls on holidays, and on sudden parties, and maybe even on a corporate party. We also know how hard it is to remain sober when everyone around does what they say toasts and celebrate something, so we share with you universal instructions for celebrations where you need to drink alcohol during the diet.

What kind of alcohol can I drink during a diet?

We’ll hurry things up again and answer as simply as possible – any. The main thing is how much you drink. And the bad news is that you should never drink more than a glass / glass / shot glass. Unless, of course, you want to lose weight.

Low-calorie leaders are light beer and dry wine.

Beer during the diet: what alcohol can you drink during the diet

Beer and wine: which alcohol is best to drink during a diet Beer and wine: which alcohol is best to drink during a diet ©

While we believed that belly was growing from beer, it smoothly became the least-caloric alcoholic drink of the currently known. 100 ml of light beer contains only 45 kilocalories. But if you show us at least one person who considers 100 ml of beer a good addition to the gala dinner or who really stops at the 100 ml drunk, we will gladly shake his hand! We remind you that in bars and restaurants they can offer you at least 330 milliliters of this intoxicating drink, which means you will get more than 120 calories in a glass. And, of course, beer is a carbonated drink that should not be drunk while losing weight.

Wine during the diet: what alcohol can you drink during the diet

Beer and wine: which alcohol is best to drink during a diet Beer and wine: which alcohol is best to drink during a diet ©

It's time to fall in love with dry wine if you still haven’t.

70 kilocalories contains the smallest dose of red and white dry wine. In fact, 100 ml of wine is the most harmless thing than you can treat yourself to when leaving the alcohol department in a supermarket. No more than twice a month, of course. But even athletes can drink a drop of red wine on big holidays, remember this.

There are other advantages of wine: they say that it is useful for blood vessels, good mood and shine in the eyes. True, this shine is easy to put out by drinking too much, so control yourself and limit the amount of “medicine for blood vessels”.

In addition, in dry wine there is no big enemy of the diet – bubbles, so you can really drink wine during the diet, if you can not do without alcohol.

Immediately after dry wine, the TOP-5 low-calorie alcoholic beverages include sparkling dry wine (90 calories in 100 grams), semi-sweet wine (90 kilocalories per 100 grams) and semi-sweet sparkling wine (120 kilocalories per 100 grams).

Remember that alcohol leads to dehydration, which can be mistaken for hunger. The more you drink, the more you want to eat, which means you are breaking a diet. Do not do like this. Strongly asking!

And for those who want to lose weight, we talked about 6 ways to maintain a slim figure.


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