Autumn antitrends: what has gone out of fashion and their fashionable alternatives

Today we will tell you about the antitrends of autumn, which will help you adjust your wardrobe to reflect the latest trends and outdated things that you need to get rid of.

Slim-fit quilted slim jackets

Quilted thin tight-fitting jackets may have once been relevant, but not this fall.

Antitrends of autumn photo 3

An alternative to the presented wardrobe items are classic trench coats and denim jackets.

Antitrends of autumn photo 4 of autumn photo 10

Shortened trench coat

The shortened trench coat is no longer relevant, including the option that can not boast of a belt or supplemented with an A-line skirt.

Antitrends of autumn photo 6

An ideal option to replace the presented things is a strict midi-length trench coat, which is a universal classic that will last you more than one year.

Antitrends of autumn photo 5

Collar Sweater

A sweater with a collar collar looks ridiculous and certainly does not add to a woman of any age style.

Antitrends of autumn photo 2

That is why we suggest you turn to the more elegant fitted or oversized sweaters with a classic and sleek stand-up collar.

Antitrends of autumn photo 1

Slim fit cardigan

Slim fit knit cardigan is not the best solution for fashionable women. According to experts, such a wardrobe item looks somewhat cheap.

Antitrends of autumn photo 11

He is replaced by voluminous cardigans that will ideally look in almost any ensemble.

Antitrends of autumn photo 7

Oval Shape Belt Bag and Conductor Bag

The oval shaped waist bag and the conductor bag were also included in the list of antitrends of autumn.

Antitrends of autumn photo 12 of autumn photo 8

They were replaced by more elegant bags of a clear form that look great both in everyday, business or evening look.

Antitrends of autumn photo 9

Autumn antitrends presented in our article do not oblige you to remove your favorite things or accessories and throw them away. If you know how to wear them beautifully, then continue to create small masterpieces with things that look interesting and stylish in your look.

Do you follow the latest fashion? Looking forward to your comments!

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