How to Sit on the Twine: Tips and Exercises © You have already grown up from school age, and your dream to sit on the twine is still not realized? No problem! Read the tips on, be patient and enthusiastic, regularly perform these exercises, and your dream will […]

Lifehacks for shopaholics © November 29 is the long-awaited day of grand sales – Black Friday 2019. On this day, popular brands make crazy sales, total sales and lucrative promotions for customers. But how to quickly and profitably purchase goods and not become a victim of marketers? Especially for […]

In the cold season, it is especially important to include warm clothes in the wardrobe. The main position among them is a sweater. It gives warmth and comfort, and is also capable of translating the most interesting and practical ideas into creating an image. So, what to wear with a […]

Sneakers or sneakers with laces – the usual shoes that are familiar to everyone since childhood. Lace up sneakers is a simple matter, everyone has learned this since the time of kindergarten or school. Usually, everyone uses the classic way of lacing: crosswise, external or internal. But there are other, […]

Black Friday 2019 © Press Service If you have been collecting money for a new gadget for a long time, have looked after an expensive tablet or smartphone, you do not need to postpone the long-awaited purchase for tomorrow. Black Friday at Foxtrot allows you to fulfill your dream soon […]