Perfectly clean face – it’s hard work, which is not always enough time and patience. But if you have firmly decided to clear the skin from acne and even out the complexion, then go to the end. The result will please you in a few weeks, but it needs to […]

The gel varnishes, which provides the nails well-groomed appearance for a long time, are divided into two types: single phase and three phase. The first are less common, they include directly coating the varnish. The latter are more resistant and attractive. When applying, in addition to the lacquer must use […]

In Ancient Egypt it was fashionable to do thin eyebrows by using the waxing and paint them long before temples. To be beautiful, it is important to choose not only the right eyebrow shape, but their color. Makeup eyebrow, as well as the eye, can correct imperfections. After you plucked […]

Pregnancy is something a woman should be very well prepared both physically and emotionally. More and more of our contemporaries prefer to give birth of the first child in his youth, and at a later age. So, in 1973, only 1.7 out of every 1,000 pregnant women gave birth to […]

When the summer does not indulge warm weather, Willy-nilly, to stock up on lightweight outerwear that will warm the cool evenings. have a list for you not only warm but also beautiful and fashionable clothes, which will certainly take pride of place in your wardrobe. Suggest to choose the […]

I love quick recipes that can help when there is little time. From my mother’s friend, an experienced hostess, learned how to bake rye bread without yeast at home. He doesn’t have the usual crust, but the taste is even better than some store-bought breads! Simple way to get rid […]