Horoscope for September 2019 © tochka.net Horoscope on September 24, 2019: Aries In the morning, you will have difficulty communicating with management. Try not to be angry and restrain your negative emotions. You should come to terms with the situation, and everything will turn out well. In the afternoon, beware […]

The worst Emmy Awards 2019 outfits © gettyimages.com In the pursuit of shocking, the desire to look extraordinary or simply stylish, celebrities choose completely inappropriate outfits. They are either too short, or with an absurd print, style, do not sit on the figure, show all the flaws or spoil the […]

Products that remove water from the body © depositphotos.com It is rarely possible to meet a person who has not encountered puffiness or large bags under the eyes for various reasons. But puffiness, in most cases, is associated with the amount of fluid we consume, which is not so easy […]

Every woman dreams of a large collection of jewelry and bijouterie. To each dress, suit, shirt. But it turns out that a lot of beauty in the box is completely unnecessary. Most will simply gather dust without showing off on the body of a beautiful woman. Stylists offer women to […]