3 skin problems that appear after losing weight © depositphotos.com Diets never go unnoticed. The more kilograms you lose when losing weight, the more your skin suffers. You know very well that skin elasticity is insidious, and stretch marks and sagging areas appear faster than the first joyful results on […]

If you think that accessories are always an indicator of good taste, we will have to disappoint you. No matter how much you like your jewelry or your favorite jewelry, there are certain rules and recommendations that you must follow in order not to look ridiculous and tasteless. In our […]

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6 foods you can't eat after your workout © depositphotos.com Even with systematic training and proper (at first glance) nutrition, you can not lose calories and weight. All this does not tell us that you are not trying or doing something wrong, but it makes you think about what you […]