If you want to create bright and truly shiny bows in the new season, you can not do without beautiful and stylish jewelry. The latter perfectly complement everyday, evening and business ensembles and make a woman more attractive and confident. Today we will tell you about the most beautiful and […]

Lunar Calendar © depositphotos.com Get a better haircut, coordinating everything with the moon. No, we do not offer you to peer into the heavenly body. you can simply compare your plans with the lunar calendar published by tochka.net. October 2019 lunar haircut calendar October 1, 2019, 3-4 lunar day, the […]

Most of us are familiar with a situation where there are many things, but nothing to wear. Every morning begins with the fact that you pick out your clothes so that it matches, looks stylish and fashionable. A great solution is to create a capsule wardrobe. You will not only […]

Fashion is a way to express yourself and be creative. You can try different styles according to your mood and your personality. In our article, we would like to share with you some ways how to easily avoid mistakes in fashion so that you always look one hundred percent and […]

Horoscope for September 2019 © tochka.net Horoscope for September 13, 2019: Aries Today your charm will help solve many issues. You should concentrate on one important goal and leave all the rest. In the afternoon, avoid intrigue and gossip. You can become an involuntary participant in the conspiracy. Be away […]