Lactose-free milk © Lactose-free milk has entered the life of a modern person so much that it can be found not only on shelves in a supermarket, but also in coffee houses. Moreover, special establishments are opened in which exclusively lactose-free milk is added to drinks. decided to […]

Ukrainian Fashion Week © Ukrainian fashion week Very soon, the most fashionable trendsetters, fashion-photographers and streetstyle virtuosos will gather in the “Art Arsenal” to determine the main trends of spring 2020. Immediately after Fashion Week in Kiev, shows will begin in 4 major fashion cities of the world – New […]

Magnetic Storms © Autumn is a time when weather addiction is not easy. tells you about magnetic storms in September 2019. A very strong magnetic storm will take place in early September. This is evidenced by data published by experts from the Laboratory of X-ray Astronomy of the […]

Davidoff Run Wild © Davidoff Parfums A revolution in the world of men's fragrances In 1988, Davidoff Cool Water revolutionized the world of men's fragrances: a stream of freshness from the top to the base notes. Perfumer Pierre Bourdon filled Davidoff Cool Water with modern masculinity. Sensual and invigorating, this […]