Vaccination Calendar © Important vaccinations must be done on time. publishes vaccination schedule in Ukraine 2020 so that you and your loved ones do not miss vaccination. In 2019-2020, Ukraine provides vaccination against ten diseases. Vaccinations for children The hepatitis B vaccine is administered to the baby on […]

5 rules of impeccable style © To look perfect, we girls are ready to go to great lengths: buy trending clothes, follow fashion trends on the catwalks, pay for stylists and designers, and even dare to dare to experiment with looks. But all this fuss is useless if you […]

One of the main trends of the 2020 winter collection is stylish jeans made of denim or leather. The looks with this wardrobe detail always look spectacular and practical. It is worthwhile to carefully consider the main news of this season. The latest fashion Designers vyingly recommend adding baggy […]

TOP 7 Alkaline Foods Every Day © No matter how much fun the cupcakes and chocolate bars bring, it is time to acknowledge the fact that we are what we eat. And it is 90% better to consist of good and wholesome food, and not products that cause acne […]