Another cup: 5 coffee myths that everyone believes in

5 coffee myths that everyone believes in ©

Now everything is harmful: gluten, caffeine, starvation, carbohydrates, carrot overeating. Where you do not look – everywhere food experts, fitness trainers and professionals from the world of healthy food and proper nutrition.

Some foods are really better not to eat on an empty stomach, others cannot be for the night. Few people know about this, so you do not listen to a hundred lectures a week and do not refuse the usual list for the supermarket.

But experts on the harm of coffee – a million. They roll their eyes, looking at your one-liter cappuccino, are genuinely surprised when you go out for a smoke with coffee and grab at heart if you decide to drink coffee at night.

We have collected 5 myths about coffee, in which everyone believes and are ready to debunk them right now.

5 coffee myths that everyone believes in

Caffeine is coffee. And no. If you tell your friends that you decided to give up caffeine and now you only drink green tea – you are deceiving yourself. In fact, there is also caffeine in tea, and in green tea it is not less than in coffee. A cup of coffee helps sober up. Sober helps not to drink. That's what you do when you drink a cup of coffee, instead of 50 grams of vodka or another glass of wine. Coffee is a direct way to dehydration. Diuretic – yes, but not dehydrating. Any liquid (except water) may become diuretic. Do not believe in what is actually not true. It is better to drink more water and do not deny yourself the pleasure of an extra cup of espresso. A cup of coffee in the evening is a guarantee of insomnia. If we are talking about espresso or ristretto, yes, but if you want to drink a cappuccino, you have nothing to worry about. Coffee lovers face cancer. Cancer is caused by: genetics, the environment, infections and viruses, addiction. Cancer is a terrible disease attributed to any product known to mankind. These products always either cure or provoke. Go on this myth is not worth it. Make yourself some coffee, but do not drink three cups.

More recently, we talked about whether you can drink food with water. Look for the answer by reference.


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