Affordable beauty: 20 life hacks for personal care

Beauty Saves the World: 20 Life Hacks for Personal Care ©

We all know the basic rules of self-care: wash off your makeup before going to bed, do not comb wet hair, do not crush acne, and smear your hands with a moisturizing cream in winter. Let's advise you another 20 life hacks, thanks to which you will always look good.

Change your skin care seasonally. In winter, you need creams that protect the skin from colds and bad weather, and in summer – light, with increased sun protection factor. A jumping pimple can be made invisible. Wet a cotton pad with eye drops, place it in the freezer for 3-5 minutes, and then attach it to the inflamed area. In order to remove oily shine from the face during the day, it is better to use matting napkins rather than powder. Thanks to this, you will look fresh, the makeup will not resemble a mask due to the large amount of powder, and the pores will not be clogged. By the way, special matting napkins can quite successfully be replaced with ordinary paper or even a piece of toilet paper. Gently put a napkin on your face, but not three of it. An ordinary underwater pencil can be turned into a permanent gel with a simple trick. Just hold the tip for a few seconds over the fire. The pencil will become softer and brighter. Run out of liquid eyeliner? Draw arrows with a beveled brush and mascara. To prevent lipstick from staining your teeth, grip your index finger with your lips and carefully remove it from your mouth without opening your lips. Excess lipstick will remain on the finger.

Beauty will save the world: 25 life hacks for personal care Beauty will save the world: 25 life hacks for personal care © Trung Nguyen

To get rid of split ends, twist the strand into a spiral and cut off all the sticking hairs. So that after drying with a hairdryer, your hair does not grow bristled, sprinkle the comb with hairspray and walk it through your hair. Having sprinkled your hair, and not a comb, you will get the effect of gluing. If you have too shiny shadows that you once bought “for a holiday” and you will not use them anymore, you can make them a bright varnish by adding it to a bottle with a transparent varnish. Baths with mint will save you from excessive sweating in the summer. Mint can also be combined with sage, chamomile, and walnut leaves. Almond oil + 30 drops of tea tree essential oil + 30 drops of peppermint essential oil = hair growth retardant after hair removal. Regular antiperspirant can help with calluses on the legs. Put them a place where your shoes rub, this will help reduce friction.

Beauty will save the world: 25 life hacks for personal care Beauty will save the world: 25 life hacks for personal care © Junior Orellana

If you do not want the skin of the body to dry strongly in winter, refuse to take hot baths: hot water flushes the protective fat from the skin. Better take a warm shower. Shadows cracked, compact powder or blush? Wet the cloth with alcohol and pat the cracked product with it. Soon the alcohol will be exhausted, and the cosmetics will be like new. To remove foundation from the collar, apply a little shaving cream to the stained area and remove the stain with a damp cloth. The best remedy for swollen eyes: take raw peeled potatoes, cut in half and put on eyes for 10 minutes. Remember the rule: first the tonal foundation, then the corrector. Not the other way around. Eyebrow gel can be replaced with improvised products. For example, hair gel. Put it on a brush and lay eyebrows. Lumps and spider legs on the eyelashes are not a sign of bad mascara. Just too much product on the brush. Take the excess carcass from it by lightly wetting it with a paper towel. Easy lip scrub: brushing your teeth and brush your lips. Dead particles will exfoliate, and menthol will improve blood circulation.

Earlier we wrote about how to prepare hand skin for winter.


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