About us

Almost every blog has this page. The exception is anonymous blogs, where the author either creates a certain mystery, or it is easier for the author to express his thoughts when they do not know about him, or he does not want to advertise himself by his occupation. Personally, I understand that there are such blogs, but it is much more pleasant for me to communicate with an open visor. Believe that your blog readers, too.

Returning to the page. Since I have already created it, I modified it today. Completely redo did not want.

How do I and my blog differ from other blogs on the Internet, what benefit the reader will personally get from me and my blog – I described on the page “About the blog”, I suggest to read it before continuing reading this post. If you consider it necessary – describe the differences and benefits here on the page “About the Author”. I did it on another page.
I want to add the main argument why this page is so necessary on the blog. Its presence is your first step in creating a personal brand, that is, recognition.

Many people advertise anything on their blog, but not themselves, as a person, as the Author and Creator of their blog. And this means that at any moment your reader will leave – you do not have personal connections and influence on each other.

And a brand is a rarity and it is an influence. And he is appreciated, proud of belonging to him (Maslow’s pyramid!) And your readers then themselves promote your brand – you, your blog, your ideas … That is why the page “About the author” is so important on your blog!