A wide coat as an element of style: 15 options with what to wear

Initially, the coat served as an element emphasizing women's status in society. Over the years, it has gained the greatest popularity. Almost any coat model focuses on features such as elegance and femininity. A wide range of coats allows you to choose the best option, based on the color type of appearance and characteristics of the figure. The fashion trend of this season is a wide coat.

Model Features

A wide coat has gained great popularity due to the features of the cut. For several years it has not gone out of fashion. Interest in this model is due to its practicality. A wide coat creates a winning combination with almost any element of a women's wardrobe. Let's talk more about these combinations.

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A combination with a skirt and a dress

Skirts and dresses of various styles, knee-length, are suitable for a wide coat of a free cut. Midi look good, especially with long models. In this way, you will not only radiate strong feminine energy, but definitely do not freeze.

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Wide coat with suit

Wear a trouser suit to create a formal business look. It goes well with a wide coat. From shoes in this case it is better to choose a male type model.

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Combination with trousers and jeans

An equally effective look is obtained when combining a wide coat with trousers or jeans. Skinny models emphasize the harmony of your legs. Wide models of trousers can spoil the image. They should be careful.

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Wide coat and leggings

Jeans and trousers are easy to replace with leggings. Thanks to their appearance, the bow turns out to be close to sports. Sneakers are the perfect complement.

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Shoes & Accessories

If you are afraid that your look will be squat, use high-heeled shoes. She is in perfect harmony with a wide coat model with skinny trousers and strict skirts. Elegant flat shoes fit into the look. This coat with a hat with wide edges looks extravagant. She is able to turn a woman into a real aristocrat. Finesse will add gloves. With a three-quarter sleeve, elongated gloves look best.

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A wide coat is a chic thing in its versatility. She suits the owner of absolutely any type of figure, since there are many different styles. Get inspired by our looks and create your own new bow.

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