A pandemic in fashion: how beautifully secure against Covid-19, on the example of stars

Jerry Heil © instagram.com

The fact that shopping malls are closed and movie watching has been moved to the home atmosphere does not save us from having to leave home. Someone needs to go to the store for groceries, but someone does not boast of the opportunity not to rush to work in the morning, during quarantine.

For such cases, we advise you to put several jars of antiseptics in your purse that you can make yourself, in case everything has already been bought out in the store. And in order to keep up with fashion trends (no matter how strange it may sound during such a period), watch the stars defend themselves against Covid-19.

How to stylishly protect yourself from Covid-19

So far, the world famous model Naomi Campbell is leading on our list. Naomi always wipes the area around him, but as soon as the spread of the virus began, she acquired more serious equipment.

Naomi Naomi Campbell © instagram

Marc Jacobs was one of the first to show the mask of his brand, and now, the fashion designer calls on his instagram to spread love, not fear. And this time, Mark already put on gloves and glasses. It’s safer.

Marc Jacobs Fall - Winter 2020-2021: Marc Jacobs © instagram.com

Marc Jacobs Fall - Winter 2020-2021: Marc Jacobs © instagram.com

Glory Kaminsky also does not hide the fact that he is afraid of contracting a coronavirus. The singer has acquired a mask and is looking for some advantages in it: it is stylish, beautiful and does not need to be painted. Girls, take note.

Trends 2020 Glory Kaminsky © instagram.com

But Lesya Nikityuk decided to create her own mask-filter on Instagram. The TV presenter decided once again to remind that to fight Covid-19 it is very important to wash hands with soap or treat them with an antiseptic.

Trends 2020 Lesya Nikityuk © instagram.com

Jerry Heil made one of the most extraordinary posts, drawing readers' attention to the fact that masks do not save from infection. But the hands, the singer called, wash more often.

Trends 2020 Jerry Heil © instagram.com

Trends 2020 Jerry Heil © instagram.com

Tina Karol and Svetlana Loboda also decided to travel in masks.

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Wrap yourself in that. Buti we prepare meanings! I’m healthy. Take care of those close to yourself 🙏 #tinakarol # tinakarol

A post shared by Tina Karol (@tina_karol) on Feb 27, 2020 at 11:34 pm PST

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The Louvre was closed. more alarming daily news. friends, if you travel, read about the rules of prevention, about safety on airplanes, about masks, sanitizers. Today all this is of great importance and can save you from unpleasant consequences. hygiene!!!! This is our everything. @doctor_komarovskiy 👈 # life # health ❤️ take care please

A post shared by LOBODA (@lobodaofficial) on Mar 2, 2020 at 3:49 am PST

Earlier we wrote how to occupy ourselves at home during quarantine so as not to go crazy with coronavirus.


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