80% of women wear underwear incorrectly! Check, maybe you were among them.

80% of the fair sex do not wear underwear correctly. It may seem surprising, however, it is. Manufacturers of underwear conducted their research and proved this fact. We gave some simple examples of how women can make mistakes. We are sure that you did not even suspect some errors.


Silicone straps seem to scream that something is wrong with your breasts. Much better in this case would be to choose strapless models.

Synthetic panties

It is worth taking care not only of beauty, but also of health. Quality panties should consist of at least 80% cotton. Cotton has a beneficial effect on the skin. This does not mean that you should abandon synthetics in general. Better leave her for a special occasion.

Open back

Do you have a chic dress with an open back in your wardrobe? If you think that transparent silicone straps look invisible, then you are deeply mistaken. With any type of clothing, no straps should be noticeable.

White clothes

Prefer thin white clothes? In this, underwear is most often seen. Do not choose it according to the color of outerwear. Choose flesh-colored underwear.

Colors and Clearances

Never wear a black bra under a white blouse. If this combination was once fashionable, today it is extremely ridiculous.

Wearing a translucent blouse

Love translucent blouses, then replenish your wardrobe with an elongated bra. Ideally, he should not have a strapless.

Quality underwear

Cotton is useful, but quickly loses its shape. Give preference to the composition of 80% cotton and 20% lycra.

The rule of wearing clothes at home

Most girls prefer to go without underwear at home. However, this is not good for our beauty. Over time, the chest and so sagging, it becomes increasingly difficult to return to its original state. Wear loose, but supportive, underwear at home.

The size

We always pay attention to the size of the cup and almost never to the length of the strapless. This is an important selection criterion.


They have become a real trend, especially among young girls. Made almost always from synthetics, they prevent the skin from breathing. In addition, thongs create an excellent environment for the reproduction of bacteria in the bikini area. If you prefer this type of panties, change them as often as possible.

Visible lines

The seams and visible lines of panties are very much ironed under clothing. Nowadays, dozens of seamless and more convenient options have been created.

Too much push up

Nature has not awarded you a large breast size? There is no reason to despair. It has long been proven that some men are much more attracted to neat, small breasts. In addition, it is much easier to keep fit.

It would seem that these are such simple rules. However, how many mistakes girls create without knowing commonplace things.

How do you wear underwear? Share your opinion in the comments!

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