8 unexpected facts about wine you didn't know about

8 unexpected facts about wine that you didn’t know about © depositphotos.com

The art of drinking wine is the whole science of drink. Of course, you can ignore the grape variety and the country from which the bottle was brought, but then there will be no romance in drinking wine (except for vulgar jokes and hangovers in the morning).

We invite you to learn some interesting facts about wine in order to impress friends at the next party. Or in order to finally taste the drink that you used to drink completely wrong.

8 unexpected facts about wine you didn't know about

A glass of wine must be held by the leg. So that the wine does not lose its special, special taste, you need to keep a glass only by the leg. Cupping the glass with your palm, you heat the drink, which is strictly forbidden to do. Wine can not be stored in the refrigerator. Temperature – one of the most important factors that help the taste of wine to open up (yes, that is the story of the soft notes of violet). White wine can be stored at a temperature of 8 to 14 degrees. But red in warmer places with a temperature of 15 to 19 degrees. Storage should always be dark. Ice cannot be added to wine. And water too (I don’t really know how such drinks can be drunk). First, it changes the taste. And secondly, it spoils the initial concentration and again affects the temperature. The name of the wine is the grape variety (most often). This means that you might like Shiraz from Australia, but Shiraz from Argentina will not like it at all. There is sugar in dry wine too. But he was "fermented" to the minimum figure – this is 0.3%. Dry wine is considered one of the lowest-calorie alcoholic beverages. Red dry – a great pair for meat. (Not). In fact, dry red wines go well with vegetable salads, cheese and even pilau. But you need to look only for your own preferences. Sparkling and chocolate – absolutely incompatible. Especially if milk chocolate. It neutralizes the whole taste of sparkling. Huge bottles of wine are named after biblical characters. The largest bottle holds 30 liters and is named after Melchizedek – a priest from the Bible.

Drink wisely and with pleasure.

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