8 options for down jackets that are not worth buying in any case!

Down jackets because of their practicality, versatility and a huge variety of models have long been replaced by fur coats, winter coats and sheepskin coats.

When purchasing another down jacket and focusing mainly on its warming function, we sometimes forget that it can look aesthetically pleasing, and there are also models that are better not to take.


Sometimes it looks like a uniform of a health worker, less often – like a Snegurochka's sheepskin coat. But that is not the main problem. You will have to clean and wash the dirt from it every 2-3 days, as the collar and cuffs become dirty.



In general, nothing wrong – this color is universal. However, out of ten people you met on the street, nine will be in black. Sadly, isn't it?

If you definitely do not see yourself in a down jacket of a different color, then choose a model from not so standard matte material.


Are you sure that in a down jacket with a flared skirt you resemble a princess from a fairy tale? Unfortunately, such a style corresponds to this definition only on tall and thin girls like a reed. In all other cases, a woman comes to mind in a samovar.

down jackets that are not worth buying photo 6

And further. In real life, the skirt does not hold well due to wind, and the proportions are greatly distorted.


That feeling when a person was warming up in a state of panic with a frost of -50. Do not try to impress others that you have barricaded themselves from them.

down jackets that are not worth buying photo 7

Put on a thick vest under the down coat. Nobody will notice this, and you will be warmer.

Camouflage Down Jacket

On urban women’s clothing, this coloring looks strange. It begs the thought that you turned into the office on the road from fishing. Give preference to a more suitable pattern – a goose foot or geometric patterns.

down jackets that are not worth buying photo 8


If you are already out of primary school age, then try to avoid such things.

down jackets that are not worth buying photo 5


Shades such as menthol and mint are no longer in vogue. Want to excel? Then choose a down jacket in red, cold gray, smoky blue or pastel blue.


Are you bored of wearing a regular model? But from shiny galloons, sequins, embroidery and an abundance of frills, a down jacket will not become an evening outfit. However, there is a discord.


The down jacket should be voluminous – such a model is warmer and looks more interesting. In trending options:

the humeral line is lowered; a huge collar turning into a hood; asymmetry in a cut; kimono clasp; "Futuristic" fabric.

Take these tips on your note, and then your new down jacket will be the best!

Do you have such clothes in your wardrobe? Write in the comments which model you are wearing.

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