8 important tips for the right combination of different types of skirts with shoes

Every woman dreams of an impeccable look in accordance with the latest fashion trends. Creating the right combination of individual wardrobe parts can be quite difficult at times. It is even more difficult to choose the right shoe model for a particular skirt. Shoes are also part of the outfit. She can both emphasize and ruin the outfit. Choose shoes in accordance with the style and your preferences.

Type No. 1. Pencil skirt + heels

This skirt is good to wear in a restaurant or at work in the office. She is considered a classic model and will always be relevant. The variety of such skirts is huge and choosing the most suitable in length or color will not be a difficult task. It is recommended to combine such a skirt with high heel shoes. Shoes, ankle boots, boots and similar shoes will come in handy. Rough styles of shoes with massive heels are also suitable.


Type No. 2. Tulip skirt + sandals

A tulip skirt will emphasize your hips, making you look more elegant. To create a stylish look for such a skirt, take open sandals.

In this case, do not focus on shoes. It is better to choose models of neutral shades. If you don’t want the sock to be open, you can choose models with closed fingers.


Type No. 3. Pleated skirt + your favorite heels

Pleated skirts are worn with absolutely any shoe. But it all depends on the case. For example, high-heeled shoes are more suitable for a romantic date or meeting with a young man. In cooler weather or for a business meeting, ankle boots are perfect, also with high heels.


Type No. 4. Asymmetric textured skirt + low heeled sandals

Textured skirt looks good with small heeled sandals. You can choose any color of shoes. Black, white and flesh colors look great. The model can be either simple or with decorative elements.

Asymmetric skirt photo 15https://www.instagram.com/nena_kay_/

Type No. 5. Skirt Shape-A + Heels

A-shape skirt is not for everyone. She can visually shorten her legs and make her hips much wider. To avoid this, the skirt is combined with shoes with high or medium heels. If you are tall, then choose a heel a little lower.


Type No. 6. Mini skirt + boots

Shoes are great with leather mini skirts. A cord will give the image of audacity. If the skirt is more classic tailoring, you should give preference to high-heeled shoes. Choose neutral colors.


Type No. 7. Midi skirt + shoes of your choice

Midi-length skirts are mostly worn in summer. This skirt is combined with any shoe, whether it be sneakers, sandals or boots. A midi skirt looks worse with high-heeled shoes.

A-line skirt photo 2https://www.instagram.com/bianca_petry/

Type No. 8. Maxi skirt + heeled or platform shoes

This skirt will definitely accentuate your figure. It is better to wear with platform shoes or heels. It can be sandals or ankle boots. Such a skirt style will add harmony to your figure and visually increase growth.


There are as many skirt models as shoes. The main thing is to properly combine and wear them, without making mistakes.

What style do you prefer? Write in the comments what your favorite combination of shoes and skirts is.

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