7 ways to wear jeans with celebrities

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Jeans have always been and remain an indispensable element in the wardrobe of every girl. This is the base with which you can make up a ton of stylish looks. Flared, Moms, wide, bananas, skinny – there are many models of jeans, the main thing is to choose the right pair for the figure.

And with what to wear jeans? This question is deeply individual. Someone wears them purely with sneakers and voluminous hoodies, someone with high heel ankle boots or trumpet boots, someone prefers coarse shoes and a leather jacket, and for someone, a turtleneck or blouse is the perfect combination. Plus jeans are that they can be worn both for business style and casual.

We decided to turn to famous models, actresses and singers and find out how they wear jeans. Let's not forget that many of them have personal stylists, as well as the opportunity to dress in the clothes of famous fashion houses.


Fashionable jeans by the type of figure 2019

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

The model prefers to wear skinny jeans with pointed ankle boots, a top and a leather shirt. Although the entire image is made in black, it suits her.

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Bella Hadid

Skin picks and Bella Hadid. However, the model prefers oversize. She combines her light jeans with a leather jacket and rugged boots.

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Irina Shayk

The model combines her light jeans with scuffs with snake-print boots and a leather jacket. Such an impudent image is unusual for Shake.

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Kendall jenner

Moms jeans, a fluffy sweater and white sneakers – comfortable, warm, cozy. The way Kendall Jenner wears jeans is a great example for a casual walk.

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Emily Ratakovsky

The model prefers not just to wear jeans, but in every possible way beat them with accessories for an interesting look. So, for days she appeared in front of lenses in jeans tucked into red snake-print ankle boots, a white T-shirt and a black oversized jacket. The image was complemented by a white cap and a black handbag.

Jeans How celebrities wear jeans © instagram.com/emrata/

Haley bieber

In a similar style with Emily, she prefers to wear jeans and Haley Bieber. She tucked her pair into cowboy boots, and a black jacket and a gray cap completed the look.

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Jennifer Lopez

Unlike models, Jay Law has more magnificent forms, and likes to show them. The singer picks white skinny jeans and combines them with a white tank top and white pointy ankle boots.

Jeans How celebrities wear jeans © instagram.com/jlo/

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