7 ways to make your wardrobe look more expensive

Let's face it, we all want to look and dress like celebrities, but it is obvious that our wallets do not allow this. And a common misconception is that you can only look beautiful in high-end clothing, although this is not at all the case. It all depends on what suits you and how you wear this thing. Middle-income people cannot afford to buy a Gucci bag, but they can undoubtedly make their appearance expensive with a little effort and savvy. And here are some tips to make your wardrobe look expensive.

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Quality Buttons

One of the things that gives cheap clothes is the quality of the buttons. So let's quickly change them to metal or pearl buttons. The result will certainly surprise you.

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Protect the fabric

Many people have the habit of putting their clothes in the wash every day, even if they only wore it for a couple of hours. Frequent washing can damage your clothes and make them look old and worn. And this is exactly what needs to be avoided. Wash clothes only when they become dirty.

Buy clothes by size

The same clothes on different people sits differently. Therefore, it is better to purchase something inexpensive and spend an additional small amount so that it looks amazing just for you.

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Get a steamer

The current generation in the bustle of modern rhythm has no time to iron clothes. Many wear shriveled clothes. Ironed clothes create a bad impression, especially in a work environment. Therefore, to look more professional, steam your clothes for five minutes.

Complement your look with accessories

Accessories can make anything more expensive. Basic cropped t-shirt with jeans … how do you like it? It goes well with a pretty necklace or long earrings. This will give you a more expensive look. Do not overdo it, adhere to stylish minimalism.

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Avoid trending patterns

Trends come and go. What is in fashion now may be out of date in a few months. This often happens. Therefore, fill your wardrobe with classic items so that they never go out of style, like a good black dress or a cotton white shirt.

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Color combinations

Have you ever noticed that designers adhere to certain colors in each collection? This is so that you do not have to select shades for each item of clothing.

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Choose the colors that suit you and try combining them with something of a similar or neutral hue.

Update your wardrobe using the listed life hacks and let us know what you got.

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