7 products that should be abandoned in the heat

7 products that should be discarded in the heat © depositphotos.com

In the heat, it is not so easy to shove a pot of borscht in oneself and seize it with hundreds of dumplings, isn't it? But for some reason we continue to try to eat as sumo wrestlers and can not tear myself away from the next piece of kebab, going on nature with friends.

At this point, our body slowly goes crazy and begins to give us signals, hinting at dissatisfaction with headache, heaviness and even nausea.

In order not to give the body a reason to resent, you need to learn a list of products that are not desirable to use in the heat. Believe me, all of us will only get better.

7 products that should be abandoned in the heat

Coffee on an empty stomach. And even worse if you drink coffee in the heat with a cigarette in an elegant pen. The pressure will jump in an instant, and then just as rapidly fall. If you do not want fainting and darkening in the eyes – eat at least a small banana before morning coffee. Fatty food. What kind of food – and so are you. If it seems like a good idea to eat cue, fries and grilled chicken – wait for nausea for several hours. And do not move! Ice cream. This is only at first glance the best food in the summer. If you do not want to suffer from an excess of sugar, choose a worthy alternative (fruits or berries). Chocolate. Just wait for the sunset and only then begin to shred another tile. Sushi. Raw fish is not the best meal in the 30-degree heat. A lot of bacteria appear on it because of which you can be cured with poisoning. Soda. Cold lemonade cools worse than ordinary water at room temperature. Soda does not quench thirst and creates heaviness, so it's better water. Alcohol. Do not drink (even beer or cider) during the active sun. This will cause a sharp headache and will not take any pleasure, so put off the bottle of sparkling until the evening. She is not going anywhere.

Give up on these products on an ongoing basis and you will be able to consider yourself the most correct girl in the world of proper nutrition.

More recently, we talked about whether you can drink food with water. Look for the answer by reference.


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