7 foods that need to be included in the diet today

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We all want to be healthy and prolong our youth, but nobody is ready to do too much for this. The easiest way is to decide on plastic surgery, but this is: a] expensive; b] unsafe. Therefore you should pay attention to more realistic options.

Oddly enough, but exactly what we eat keeps our skin young, toned and well-groomed. Do not think that the secret of perfect skin is stored in lobsters and lobsters. Products that should be included in your diet to be beautiful and healthy – this is an affordable and tasty set that will appeal to all members of your family.

We have collected 7 basic foods that need to be included in the diet to be healthy. Keep this list and go to the supermarket, using the article as a hint.

7 foods that need to be included in the diet today

Eggs Eggs are an excellent source of protein that not only nourishes the body, but also helps prevent heart disease. Fried eggs, scrambled eggs or hard boiled – choose any cooking method and enjoy this useful product at least every other day. Bonus: eggs do not recover. Salad leaves. It is not only a source of potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, but also an excellent addition to any meat dish. If your man ignores your attempts to feed him with healthy grass, proudly tell him that spinach has a positive effect on potency. That's what really made the sailor Popeye so strong and funny :] Avocado. Avocados as a new-fangled butter – both for sandwiches, and with porridge, and with pleasure. The only advantage is that avocados are so healthy that you can eat them yourself, without seasoning and without additional ingredients. Enjoy your meal! Broccoli. An ideal product that speeds up metabolism and perfectly emphasizes the taste of meat. We both for broccoli! Linseed oil. You just have to become a fan of the number 1 of this oil, because it is no less useful than a piece of steamed red fish. Add flax seed oil to your diet and changes will be visible in a few months. Yogurt. Yogurt is one of the fermented foods that is quickly digested and has a beneficial effect on digestion. Just do not eat yogurt on an empty stomach. Pumpkin. And here is the most controversial product from the list, because it is impossible to be indifferent to a pumpkin. But getting used to eating this vegetable is still worth it. Pumpkin has a beneficial effect on health and even serves as an excellent helper in the fight against heart disease.

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