7 fashionable things in which you will look more attractive for men

There are things that men like more than everyone else. Some may suit you more, others less. As they say: "Men love with their eyes." And it is true. Even the series often show how men "do not miss a single skirt." Consider a few things in which you will look attractive to men.

1. Blouses, sweatshirts with bare shoulders

All men are different and they like different parts of the body. Some prefer the ass, some breasts. Do not forget that clavicles and shoulders also attract men. Wear blouses with bare shoulders to attract curious masculine looks.

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2. Heels

When wearing heels, the muscles of the body are forced to be in tension. Visually you will look fit, especially your most attractive places become noticeable. Your gait will change and your hips will definitely attract the looks of the male half.


3. Little black dress

Black is considered the base, classic color. He slenders the figure of the girl and emphasizes her form. In a black-fitting dress you will look seksualnoy, especially for men.

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4. Something red

Red is the color of passion, love. Bright enough to attract attention. Red lipstick, blouse or shoes will definitely attract a lot of looks to your person.

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5. Bodycon dress

Such a dress will definitely show not only your figure, but also your forms. It is important to wear the right underwear for such a dress, otherwise you risk making obvious flaws, even if you do not have them.


6. Lipstick

Lipstick can attract many looks. It is important to take care of your lips as well as your face and body. Use various scrubs and lip balms. Then the lipstick will lie down well and look on your lips the most pleasant and attractive.

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7. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are well suited for any look. They make the face more attractive and mysterious for men. They also protect your eyes from the harmful effects of UF rays. So do not forget about this accessory in sunny weather.

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Wear these things, and in the eyes of men you will become more interesting and attractive. Even at a subconscious level, they will pay attention to you and will not be able to take their eyes off. The main thing is not to overdo it so as not to look vulgar. Everything should be in moderation, do not forget about it.

What other things do you use to seem more attractive. Write in the comments what secret tricks of seduction you have!

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