6 unforgivable female dips when wearing shoes

You can look out of place not only by picking up an unsuccessful outfit. Shoes also play a large role in the image. Improperly selected shoes look not only ugly, but can also harm health. Consider a few mistakes when wearing shoes. Many girls know about these mistakes, but still neglect them when choosing shoes.

Peeling pedicure in open shoes

Make sure that your marigolds are always well-groomed. The peeling pedicure looks sloppy and sloppy. In addition, it attracts a lot of unnecessary looks.

  women's failures when wearing shoes photo 5

During the time, sign up to the master or file your nails yourself and cover with gel or ordinary varnish. If you urgently need to go out in the shoes, and there is no time to register with the master, then just pick up closed shoes.

Visible toes in shoes

If you see that the fingers are visible in the shoes, then you should not take such shoes. It looks ugly and you will feel uncomfortable. Better choose comfortable shoes of another model or try on a different size.

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Very narrow shoes that squeeze the foot

Choose shoes according to size! Squeezing the legs with straps does not look aesthetically pleasing. In addition, in such shoes it is not very convenient to walk, and squeezing is harmful to the health of your legs.

Shiny nylon tights with a seam under the sandals

Do not wear such tights with sandals or other open shoes. Dense matte tights are better for such shoes. It is better if they are in color with shoes. For example, black.

Long skirt ankle boots


Such shoes visually lengthens the legs. It will look especially good in color with straight or narrow trousers. And if you want to put on a skirt, then high boots will look more advantageous.

Oversize little shoes along

When drawing up the image, it is necessary that the clothes fit together. If you choose a massive top, then pick up a massive bottom. And shoes are no exception. Otherwise, your figure will visually be wrong.

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Following these tips, you will choose the right shoes and will not feel uncomfortable, catching slanting looks in your direction.

Do not forget to take care of the shoe so that it lasts you as long as possible and looks great in combination with your looks. Take care and love not only yourself, but also your legs. Indeed, beautiful and high-quality shoes are the basis of style.

Have you ever made such unforgivable mistakes? Write in the comments about what other failures when wearing shoes you know.

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