6 fashionable mistakes that only middle-aged women make

Every woman strives for an ideal image, but this is not always possible due to her age. In middle age, there comes an understanding of one's style and needs without regard to the opinions of others and the range of fashion sales.

The problem of middle age is often posed by the desire to look younger. So ridiculously dressed "young" women appear. We have made for you a selection of the most common mistakes women make after forty years in creating an image.

1. Caring for others to the detriment of oneself

With the advent of children and grandchildren, this behavior has become the norm for many women. Every minute they are ready to surround with care and love their loved ones. However, the time comes when you need to take care of yourself. I am sure that your family will be pleased to watch your transformation. All children dream of seeing their mother always young and beautiful. Do not refuse them this pleasure.

2. Sacrifice yourself in the interests of others

With age, our values ​​appear in completely different industries, in contrast to youth. A woman should feel confident, self-sufficient and independent. To do this, you need to know firmly what to strive for. And striving in adulthood is necessary for what we like. To what we dreamed all our lives, but did not allow ourselves, taking care of children. The time has come for fulfillment of desire.

Buy stylish clothes, make a fashionable haircut, do not be afraid of catchy colors in manicure. All that you have denied yourself for a long time. It's time to feel young and free.

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3. Hold on to the old foundations in a world of change and progress

Say “No!” To conservatism and old habits. Develop and change in step with the times. Change the furniture in the apartment, throw away the old carpets and sign up for Spanish courses.

It’s never too late to start a new life full of pleasant changes.

4. Buy clothes that make you look ridiculous

With the first signs of aging, many women start to panic and try to rejuvenate in every possible and impossible way. But, alas, often such attempts fail. In an effort to look younger it is worth remembering that it is not enough to buy a stylish youth thing. It must be learned how to wear and combine with the right wardrobe items. In addition to the new look, you need a new manicure that matches the style, makeup, and you really can’t do without a stylish hairstyle.

A well-designed and implemented image can make you several years younger in an instant. To do this, it is worth considering the features of your complexion, face and hair structure. There are many methods that can visually correct some of the imperfections in appearance and imprints of age.

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5. Consider that hairstyles are divided strictly by age

A woman of middle and fairly mature age can afford absolutely any haircut. You are deeply mistaken if you believe that only a few of them are allowed to women of age.

With staining, things are somewhat different. Choose the shades that suit your look, but modern dyeing techniques can significantly rejuvenate you.

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Do not forget: it's time to live for yourself! Make an ultra short haircut or dye your hair a bright red color. Everything is in your hands, and no one now decree you. You are a beautiful, confident, self-sufficient woman.

6. Believe that after 40 the body may not be perfect

Many women hide their bodies behind shapeless sweaters, dresses and tunics. Entire lines of clothes for full, thin, tall, short undersized have long been developed. Even if your figure is not perfect, this is no reason to hide it.

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Try experimenting with unusual clothes. I am sure you can find a completely new style for yourself in which you will look even more beautiful. It is not at all difficult to look stylish and be happy in a new image. You just need to really want it.

Angelo L. Lyons

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