5 things that should be in the wardrobe of every woman: tips from Victoria Batui

Victoria Batui © Press Service

With the start of the new season, the question arises of how to update the wardrobe and what things are worth paying attention to. In an interview, TV presenter Victoria Batui spoke about her personal style and things that every woman should have.

Victoria, how would you describe your style? What things prevail in your wardrobe?

I always rely on the inner feeling, never chasing trends. It doesn’t matter to me at all whether a branded thing is either bought in a mass market, I feel equally comfortable in them. The thing is the ability to wear clothes. Of course, in my wardrobe there are branded items, but there is no one favorite brand whose items I buy from season to season. Most often, my purchases are spontaneous and situational.

I do not buy trending things that do not suit me or do not like. More recently, I fell in love with voluminous models. Before, it seemed to me that it wasn’t mine. This is a psychological moment – I’ve been trying to be slimmer, thinner all my life, so I thought that voluminous things increase me even more.

Last year I bought a super-volume Prada down jacket and I am very pleased, I hope that I will wear it for a long time. I really like him. Volumetric sweaters are very relevant – they can be combined with jeans, chiffon, silk skirts or dresses – beautiful and feminine.

Victoria Batui Victoria Batui © Press Service

More and more often I buy things by Ukrainian designers and appeal to everyone. It's cool, fashionable, original, and like the whole world. Of my favorites – Lilya Litkovskaya, she and I have long been close. This man once, after my first pregnancy, convinced me that, being overweight, you can wear a narrow leather skirt, of course, properly sewn, very voluminous heavy trousers and look slim and stylish.

My favorites are always shoes and bags. I have a lot of them. Of course, casual shoes prevail, but since I often attend various events, I also love high-heeled shoes, and there are a lot of them too. I do not have one favorite brand, most often I buy all shoes abroad or sew to order from our designers.

Victoria Batui Victoria Batui © Press Service

What are the 5 things that should be in the wardrobe of every woman.

The perfect dress for all occasions. In the afternoon, it can be absolutely neutral, but by putting on heels and applying light makeup, you can go to any event. Dress is my favorite clothing. Insanely beautiful high-heeled pumps, terribly uncomfortable, but those you can’t pass by in the store. They are standing in the dressing room, you don them extremely rarely, but they should be. A versatile handbag that can suit both evening gowns and everyday bows. I really love hats and I think that every woman should have them. Such a thing will complement the most ordinary image. There should be a super-warm thing in the wardrobe. I don’t wear natural fur coats, I prefer very warm down jackets.

Do you have the perfect style tip?

A woman should always be comfortable in what she is wearing. If she is uncomfortable, then she will radiate this energy. Stay true to yourself, wear what suits you and don’t chase trends.

Victoria Batui Victoria Batui © Press Service

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