5 symptoms of allergies that we do not pay attention to

5 allergy symptoms we don’t pay attention to © depositphotos.com

Allergy symptoms and the number of products that are considered to be the strongest allergens cannot be listed in one material (at least so that you want to study this material in full). But it is important and necessary to know about unexpected signals of the body, thanks to which you can determine allergies. At least because many more people suffer from various allergens than you can imagine.

An allergic reaction is not obvious. Yes, the face may swell from honey, swelling may occur from nuts, but allergies do not always have visible symptoms.

We talk about strange allergy symptoms that you don’t pay attention to and explain how the headache is associated with allergens.

Voice changes

For no reason, you started talking like Alla Borisovna after the concert? Are even minibuses joking about hoarseness in your voice? Perhaps voice metamorphoses are associated with allergies.

With an allergic reaction, the vocal cords can be overloaded, and from there appears a hoarseness or a dry cough. If nothing changes during the week, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Cracked lips

The fact that lips crack in the cold is not news (like an allergy to cold). But the allergic reaction to foods that leads to this symptom is discovery. It turns out that oral allergy manifests itself not only in the palate, gums and inner walls of the cheeks, but also on the lips. Be careful and clean the menu if your lips are cracked year-round.


Paradoxically, headaches indicate a violation of so many processes within us that you will not immediately understand which doctor to contact.

It is good that headaches with allergies can be distinguished from others by pronounced signs:

pain on one side only (left or right); headache gives into the nose.

If your head hurts so regularly, you definitely need to see a doctor.

Feeling tired

It is not surprising that in 2020 everyone gets tired: constant lack of sleep, an active lifestyle and 80% of the waking day in front of the monitor do not contribute to relaxation.

But chronic fatigue is another explanation – allergy. If you suffer from allergies to dust, then overnight it provokes swelling in the airways and blocks the access of oxygen. It is with this that constant lack of sleep and a feeling of fatigue can be associated.

Sense of smell

Many people are used to being treated as necessary, so the lack of smell without the symptoms of a cold does not bother them at all. But in vain.

If you ignore the obvious attempts of the body to give you a signal about a problem with the respiratory tract, you will aggravate allergies. Still, it’s worth going to the doctor.

Remember that all processes in our body are interconnected and pay attention to changes and pains. It is better to treat immediately than to launch and bring to the point of no return.

Here are some amazing caries facts that are hard to believe.


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