5 rules for the happiness of the blues queen Beth Hart

5 rules for the happiness of the blues queen Beth Hart © Press Service

We know her as a world star, a Grammy nominee and one of the most famous singers. On September 27, blues queen Beth Hart released a new record, “War In My Mind,” to the mountain. She will present it to Kyiv fans on December 8 at the National Palace of Ukraine.

However, before becoming a favorite of the public, Beth Hart did not hesitate to sing on the street and in cheap clubs. After going through a real personal hell, she poured out her pain in music and found a response in the hearts of the audience. Who, if not her, knows what happiness is and how to find it.

The most severe pain can turn into great happiness. At 27, I almost died of an overdose of drugs. It was a terrible time when I drank a lot and felt really bad. But just then the most important moment in my life happened – I met my future husband, a man who completely changed my life and brought happiness to her. Any pain needs to be expressed. Then, at twenty-seven, I could not start from scratch, because the pain still corroded my heart. Until one day she wrote the song My California. Having composed her text, I spoke out, spoke out, poured out my soul. And finally I realized that the pain left me, that I was safe. Giving the listener what he wants is the mission of the creator. I love to look at people during a concert and understand what is good for them. Was my music motivated to change my life? Class! Caused tears? Also wonderful. If my work gives the listener what he needs, I am happy. Create to be happy, not to become rich or famous. Just because people enjoy your music doesn't make you any special or incredibly cool. And vice versa: if the public does not respond to you or criticizes a lot, you should not think that you are bad. It is difficult to realize, but it is very important knowledge. A true artist does not create music in order to become rich and famous. All this to become truly happy. It often happens that a song suddenly becomes a hit. But five or ten years pass, and it is forgotten and compared with nonsense. At the same time, there are songs that have not become hits, which they will love and listen to after a hundred years. I often think about Sam Cook and his song “A Change Is Gonna Come”. Agree, she was never hit. But many years later, when he had long died, this composition became a classic. Everyone loves her and plays. Therefore, I always say: do not believe the words. You are hardly as good as they say to you, and not as bad as you think of yourself. Remember: you play music just to be happy and enjoy it. That’s the whole secret. Don't take yourself too seriously. In order not to worry before going on stage, I often repeat to myself: “Beth, you're just a singer. You are not an astronaut or a doctor who needs to have a heart operation. Even if you do your job shit, no one will die. ” I just say these words over and over again and they help me not to take myself too seriously.

By the way, the President of Ukraine awarded Sergey Prytula the Order of Merit of the III degree.


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