5 "not" with which it is time to end once and for all

5 “Not” Things to End Once and For All © depositphotos.com

A principled person does not always realize why he makes this or that decision. Often it is awareness and deliberation that we do not have enough to live life easier.

If you disassemble some settings and stop being guided by them in life, then you can become a much more pleasant and interesting person.

We present you a list of 5 "not", which is time to throw out of your head. And yes, you do this not for others, but for yourself.

DO NOT take responsibility

Psychological maturity occurs when a person can not only weigh the pros and cons, but also takes responsibility, not expecting anyone else to help. Any decision you make will be much more conscious if you stop running away from responsibility and learn to assess risks.

DO NOT do for your own sake

If you do your job just to get the boss's encouraging look; choose a partner so that all friends are envious; you go to hated Thailand to support the general enthusiasm for this place – everything is obviously a failure. Let go of settings in which someone’s opinion is more important than yours, and you will see that living is much more fun and pleasant.

DO NOT look for easy ways

Sometimes it seems to us that some things are given to us just like that. And it’s really scary, because a good one is sure to be followed by a black bar, right?

But no. And it’s time to already accept the fact that life is quite ambiguous and confused without your intervention. When building schemes, instead of asking / making / admitting, you leave yourself with all the “gloomy days” that you once gave to the fate of the Gazmans.

DO NOT accept other opinions

To put pressure on the people who surround you is tantamount to trying to subordinate everyone to your regime – it is rude and not tolerant. Remember that people have the right to a different opinion and it (opinion) will not always coincide with yours. Take it for granted, and everything will become much more simple. At least because you do not have to fight with everyone around.

DO NOT be able to live here and now

“I’ll be 30 — I’ll get married / get married,” “I’ll change my job and then I’ll buy an apartment”, “I’ll bring my body into shape – then I’ll fly to Mallorca” – these are good attitudes and motivational stories, BUT. Putting aside the deadlines and plunging yourself into a clear framework, you forget about the main thing – the moment that lives here and now. Of course, we want your dreams to come true, but no one says that life between the fulfillment of desires does not exist.

Say goodbye to harmful installations and less litter your head with all sorts of nonsense. In the end, one thought can greatly simplify your and others' lives.

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