5 myths about beautiful women that we will debunk

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Beauty in 2019 becomes an indispensable attribute of success. Endless plastic surgeries and beauty injections are increasingly becoming the meaning of women's lives, which are no longer enough for sleight of hand and photoshop for perfect photos on social networks. HLS smoothly replaces the love of booze, and patches and makeup products appear on the shelves of any girl who does not know how to refuse an extra glass of wine at dinner.

Beauty has long moved from the category of "lucky" to "necessarily." We no longer admire the beauty of trendsetters, but with understanding and respect we appreciate the efforts that the sisters Hadid and Kardashian are making to look like a million.

But the more beautiful women surround society, the more myths and stereotypes appear around their beauty.

5 myths about beautiful women that would have long been worth debunking

They are narcissistic

Self-love is normal (just a reminder). But contrary to all the speculations and myths that the better a woman looks, the more she loves herself, this is not at all true. With the advent of more and more beautiful women, a lot of demands and pressure also appear. This is not at all conducive to confidence.

They achieve heights thanks to their beauty

Competitiveness in the labor market is now definitely not on the side of lazy dummies without ambition and education. Even lovers, whose main task is to give aesthetic physical discharge, is now not allowed to be stupid.

They are not alone

The more beautiful the woman, the more she receives indecent and frightening offers from strange men. Normal men are very rare for beautiful women, which is why beautiful women are often single.

Everyone wants to make friends with them.

Envy has never been a sign of strong friendship, and beautiful women are often envied more than sincerely support them. Men, of course, do not want to be friends with beautiful women at all. I mean, I really want to, but not be friends.

They try less than ugly

In fact, everything is exactly the opposite. A beautiful girl is not forgiven for fashionable failures, or a dirty head, or uneven arrows. Do you remember that the requirements and expectations for them are overstated?

Beauty is far from the main weapon in the fight against this world. Whatever people from the Internet or the environment would expect from you, do not forget that you must only be happy. Even if you have bad taste, malocclusion or cellulite.

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