5 mental disorders that suffer in 2019

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The modern world is so full of information, pressure from society, new knowledge and what helps us to escape from reality, that the emergence of new mental disorders has become inevitable.

Each millennial has already managed to sit in the psychologist’s chair at least once (or to think about contacting a specialist is a good idea). This question has become especially acute now, when your every action and every thought has long been come up with a definition.

We talk about new common mental disorders that suffer from 2019.

5 most common mental disorders


How often do you use the front camera of your phone? Do you post a lot of photos on social networks throughout the day?

Answer the questions honestly and then you will be able to diagnose selfitis – a new mental disorder that all of America is talking about.

The American Psychiatric Association has confirmed that a constant desire to photograph yourself is a psychological disorder. It seems bloggers time to consult with a specialist and find new ways to make money.

The disorder is classified into three levels:

Border selfie. Three photos per day that are not posted on social networks; Acute selfies. Three photos a day that will definitely get on social networks; Chronic selfie. The constant desire to be photographed and create more than 6 posts with photos per day.

Emotional burnout

The term was introduced back in 1974, but it has become especially relevant right now.

Prestigious work, a good salary and an innate talent for the profession do not make you an exception when it comes to professional burnout.

Burnout is an emotional exhaustion in which a person begins to show indifference and indifference to his work. If you score / don’t go / get sick or quit altogether – this is the only thing you want when thinking about work – you may have burned out.

The help of a specialist in this case is simply necessary, because burnout can lead to prolonged depression.


Photoshop, Instagram and Kardashian sisters helped a lot with this disorder. It is dysmorphophobia that characterizes a person’s desire to completely “redraw” what she inherited from nature and especially dissatisfaction with certain parts of the body (large nose / thin lips / small chest).

Dysmorphophobia equally often occurs with both men and women. This disease prevents a person from communicating normally, realizing himself at work and succeeding in all areas of life. Often leads to suicide.


Starting Monday is your favorite activity? Do you write a diploma / wedding vow / last minute vacation application? Most likely you are a procrastinator.

All that prevents you from achieving success is the fear that you will not get the perfect result. Putting aside for later and shifting responsibility to anyone but yourself is a very wrong tactic. A psychologist will help to fight proskrastination.


Eating disorder is one of the most popular problems of recent years. Anorexia and bulimia, obsessive thoughts about the dangers of gluten and milk, odes of avocados – all this can be called orthorexia.

The concept characterizes eating habits, which are based on the exclusion of junk food and eating only healthy and proper foods. Nothing harmful to the body if you eat healthy food without fanaticism and with common sense. But as soon as you stop eating salty, sweet, fatty foods containing starch, gluten, alcohol, yeast, caffeine, chemical preservatives, non-biological or genetically modified foods – run to the psychologist.

Recall that earlier we talked about how to become happy.


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