5 habits of girls on social networks, from which no one is thrilled

5 habits of girls on social networks that no one loves © depositphotos.com

On October 11, around the world, a relatively young, but very special holiday for all women is celebrated – Girls' Day. This holiday is designed to remind us of gender discrimination and once again to remind how important women are (yes, not only March 8th).

The tochka.net editorial staff decided not only to praise the girls, but also to scold them a little. We have collected 5 habits of girls on social networks, from which no one is delighted and remind you that the pages on the Internet are able to tell about the owner much more than it seems at first glance. And it’s very good if these pages do not annoy anyone except your current ex.

5 habits of girls on social networks, from which no one is thrilled

Quote book

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The first place in all anti-ratings may not even be discussed – these are quotes. It doesn’t matter what exactly you stole and where (although Erich Maria Remarque is much nicer than the public “The Queen of the Ball in the mouth of all of you * ball”), the quotes annoy about the same. Kravets’s songs and Ranevskaya’s brilliant statements will not make you witty, well, really!

What to avoid: lines of songs, clever quotes and aphorisms, stolen jokes that managed to become a button accordion.

Especially neglected cases:

No one knows how the one who cries through life laughing at night cries. I'm too proud to fall to my knees. You're on the show, and I'm on the heels. We were and have been goddesses. Love – love, create – understand.

What to replace: there is something to say – write your thoughts; nothing to say – do not sign the photo at all.

Naked and funny

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If you add a photograph to the quote (very smart and very unusual), then it’s certainly in underwear. And better without any clothes at all!

In pursuit of the long-awaited dikpiks from the residents of Istanbul and Ankara in DM, the girls put photos in the most revealing outfits. This is essentially not bad, because if you have something to show, you’re a great clever girl. But if you do not want to become a victim of slating and annoy all your subscribers – it is better to get dressed before taking a picture on Instagram.

What to avoid: nude photo in the tape.

Especially neglected cases: only the chest and ass in the tape. The closed swimsuit on these ladies looks like a burqa.

What to replace: with any photos in clothes.

Instagram Faculty of History and History (many stories)

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If the number of Instagram stories is more like a complex sentence consisting only of additions (yes, that part of the speech that is underlined with a dotted line) – you are either a very intense blogger or very intense in principle. There is nothing to add.

What to avoid: the desire to take pictures and shoot every second of your fascinating life.

Especially neglected cases: more than two stories every hour during the day.

Than to replace: if you cannot live without posts – just reduce their number.

Self-proclaimed Negative Opinion Leader

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There is a separate category of people – always outraged. They, as a rule, come across salads with hair everywhere, and some kind of plane tickets are not given out, and housing and communal services annoy them more than usual. They always talk about problems on the network, and we become involuntary listeners. And quietly we hate everyone who did not send the parcel to the addressee or dropped their hair directly on the tomato.

What to avoid: complaints. You are welcome!

Especially neglected cases: tags of the presidential administration on Facebook and an appeal to Zuckerberg. In Russian, of course.

How to replace: complain not in social networks, but in special support services. Fortunately, everyone (from New Mail to the same Zuckerberg) has a business.

Sadness, longing, disappointment

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Nothing is more annoying than nagging and tears with heartbreaking lyrics. Especially if there are a million errors in the text. Leave bitterness and sorrow for the psychologist’s office or kitchen conversations with a friend, but don’t take them out on social networks and Instagram.

What to avoid: the story in which you cry. Or literally anything with tears.

Especially neglected cases: a detailed description of the last breakup / nervous breakdown.

Than to replace: consultation with the psychologist.

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