30+ ideas on how to wear knitwear in spring 2020

Knitwear is a fashion novelty that has become the most sought after in 2020-2021. Fashion designers present at their shows things from knitwear in various forms, prints, models and colors. Every stylish woman must have this thing in her wardrobe, which can change the image and make it effective, fashionable and super-feminine. In the material we will tell not only which models of knitwear in fashion in the spring of 2020, but the rules from a combination with other things.

Knitwear Fashion Trends

Cozy knitted wardrobe items are increasingly gaining popularity among modern fashionistas. The practicality of such things and a beautiful concise image can hardly be overestimated. Thanks to various models, knitted items can be worn anywhere: for a business meeting, a walk with friends, in the office or in a restaurant.


Modern girls combine knitwear with trendy fashion styles: casual, sport-chic, street and business. Each thing is able to change the image, creating a unique bow for a specific occasion.


In the spring 2020 season, fashionable shades for knitwear are:

Pastel colors, refined beige; Beige sweaters with something to wear photo 6https://www.instagram.com/newyork_streetstyles/ Stylish and deep shades: in the green palette, indigo, refined purple; instagram.com/milano_streetstyle/https://www.instagram.com/rita.tesla/ Juicy colors of spring and summer: bright yellow, passionate red, elegant fuchsia. instagram.com/lera_protivpravil/

Prints also should not be abandoned, in the season they will be relevant: a cage, strip, other geometric shapes, floral patterns.


A model of a knitwear can be made in any form: with bare shoulders, oversize, fitted, neckline and more.


Knitwear can be combined with almost any clothing. With jackets, fur coats, raincoats, coats, sports shoes, classic shoes, denim, shorts, skirts, trousers. The knitted item will fit perfectly and will be in harmony with other shades and models of wardrobe items.


Knitwear trending patterns and rules for their combination

Combining knitwear with other things is very easy. We invite you to find out what models of knitwear will be in trend in the spring of 2020 and with what they can be combined.



Knitted dress is a universal and convenient thing for every girl. This can be a variant of midi or mini, in a flower or geometric print. In bright juicy shades or pastel colors. It all depends on your imagination and taste. The dress goes around the silhouette, emphasizing the main advantages, if there are slight defects on the body, then they can be hidden with a no less relevant jacket.


A dress made of knitwear in the form of a sweater is gaining more and more popularity. This is the best option for a cold autumn. You can combine such a dress with almost any outerwear and shoes. For a business style, a classic coat with ankle boots is suitable, and for a street style, a leather jacket with rough boots.

instagram.com/thelace_brand/instagram.com/maryorton/knitted clothing autumn photo 9https://www.instagram.com/rita.tesla/knitted clothing autumn photo 6https://www.instagram.com/12storeez/https://www.instagram.com/rita.tesla/https://www.instagram.com/rita.tesla/lady dress 2020 photo 7https://www.instagram.com/maryorton/https://www.instagram.com/rita.tesla/knitted clothing autumn photo 11https://www.instagram.com/rita.tesla/


One of the warmest and trendiest things from knitwear is considered to be an original cardigan. It is usually used as outerwear for spring and cold summer days. Overseas models are the rage of 2020.

Cardigans fall 2019 photo 2@pinterestingplans

Regardless of knitting, a knitted cardigan can be combined with a trouser suit or simple jeans. A cardigan harmoniously looks with dresses and even with sports shoes. Bored with knitted cardigans obviously will not work.

Cardigans autumn 2019 photo 11https://www.instagram.com/newyork_streetstyles/


Another trend of spring 2020 is knitted suits. Light and pleasant for the body material for the costume will allow you to not restrict movement, feel comfortable and stylish.

https://www.instagram.com/rita.tesla/instagram.com/rita.tesla/knitted clothing autumn photo 8https://www.instagram.com/12storeez/https://www.instagram.com/rita.tesla/knitted clothing autumn photo 1@ rita.tesla

You can also combine a knitted suit in any style of clothing. Adding sports shoes gives a modern street look. Choosing stilettos is a business style. Platform shoes are a romantic look for every day.

knitted clothing autumn photo 13https://www.instagram.com/rita.tesla/

Sweaters & Sweatshirts

When you are told about knitwear, the first thing that appears is blouses and sweaters. They are still relevant in the new spring season. You can choose abstract prints or give preference to calm and monophonic tones of clothing. Combining such things is worth with skirts, shorts, trousers.

knitted clothes autumn photo 5https://www.instagram.com/12storeez/fashion trends 2020 com for 40 spring-summer 2020 photo 3https://www.instagram.com/shortstoriesandskirts/

Stylish and high-quality knitwear allows you to wear it at a convenient time and weather. For any event, the knitwear will complete the look and allow you to be the most stylish and beautiful.

Most likely, in your wardrobe there are knitted things. Tell us in the comments which ones!

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