20 stylish variations of short coat styles 2020

It is raining outside the window, which means that soon the weather will completely cease to please us with warmth and sun. They are replaced by a gloomy cold time. The time when it’s important to dress warmly when leaving the house. Representatives of the fair sex need to harmoniously make their image not only warm, but also attractive. What to choose when choosing a new coat? Fashion trends 2020 lead to the selection of short models. But the variations of styles and colors are very diverse.

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Shortened models have a lot of advantages. For any girl, a short coat is not only a great addition to a bow, but a great option for active everyday wear. Designers have proposed many different cut options, the main of which are loose and tight. You can play with the silhouette options and choose which one is more suitable: straight or fitted. By the way, for lovers to emphasize the waist line, a belt will serve as a win-win option.

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Recently, a short coat in the form of a jacket with lapels and a large collar has been gaining the most popularity. This type of coat is perfect for an active life, and on the other hand will add efficiency.

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Another original type of coat is the so-called poncho. A short poncho with swinging sleeves will give extraordinary and make the image memorable.

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Duffle Coat. There are more and more options for this model, including shortened ones. Their main feature is large hinged buttons.

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Cape is another model comparable to a poncho. Yet there is a big difference between them. Cape also has an A-shaped silhouette, but does not have sleeves. Slots protrude instead.

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Cardigans are also gaining popularity. Perfect for girls who love minimalism. There is nothing superfluous in this model, and it will protect you from the wind and cold no worse than others. A huge number of models and variations, but what about the color and what tones to choose in the coming 2020?


First of all, it is worth starting from personal taste preferences, and only then pay attention to the top tones. However, at the peak of fashion in 2020, classic tones will become: white, black, gray. The brightest ones are Bordeaux, red, orange, pink, blue, green and purple. And, of course, as always, hacks are universal.

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A cropped coat is an ideal option for early fall. It can be combined with a wide variety of clothing, shoes and scarves. Choosing the most suitable option, you can create a spectacular and harmonious image.

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