20 stylish ideas with what to wear winter jackets with a hood

Winter fashion is significantly different from summer. You can’t inflate your favorite dress, high heel shoes and go decorate the world. In winter, everything is much more complicated. In addition to basic clothing for the weather, you must choose outerwear, shoes and a hat. And all the details of such a wardrobe should be a single whole.

We have selected for you several stylish images of winter 2020. Let's figure out what to wear warm hooded jackets with.

what to wear with winter jackets with a hood photo 9https://www.instagram.com/skitzyou/

Prefer a sporty style of clothing, it doesn’t matter. An oversized jacket is perfect for this. Your favorite clothes, sneakers and a huge jacket with hoods are all that you need today so as not to freeze and feel comfortable.

Jackets winter 2019 photo 1https://www.instagram.com/skitzyou/Jackets winter 2019 photo 3https://www.instagram.com/skitzyou/what to wear with a winter down jacket photo 6https://www.pinterest.ru/

A jacket with a hood is good in that you can wear it with or without a hat. The hood will warm you if necessary. In general, such jackets are no different from models without a hood, but they are somewhat more practical.

Jackets winter 2019 photo 2https://www.instagram.com/skitzyou/

Reminiscent of a raincoat fabric coat, the jacket will look good with leggings or skinny jeans. Shoes in this way will suit any. You can put on sneakers if the weather permits, or high heeled boots.

what to wear with winter jackets with a hood photo 8https://www.pinterest.ru/

It does not fit a jacket, and even with a hood, perhaps only a romantic bow with an evening dress. Any casual dress or skirt goes well with the jacket shown in the photo below and many other styles.

what to wear with winter jackets with a hood photo 7https://www.pinterest.ru/what to wear with winter jackets with a hood photo 6https://www.pinterest.ru/

If there are not severe February frosts on the street, the hood may well serve not as an alternative to hats, but as a stylish decoration of the image. Nowadays, the fur used to trim the hoods is quite diverse. You can find jackets and coats with completely unbelievable color fur. If the clothes themselves are neutral, then it is the fur on the hood that can set the tone for the winter look.

what to wear with winter jackets with a hood photo 5https://www.pinterest.ru/Winter jackets 2020 photo 21https://www.instagram.com/yanafisti/

The following photo shows a tight-fitting model of a jacket with a hood. Such a thing can be worn with a miniskirt as well as tight-fitting leather leggings. Chic fur almost completely hides the presence of a hood. In this case, you do not need to use it for its intended purpose. The onion depicted looks chic, rich and stylish.

what to wear with winter jackets with a hood photo 4https://www.instagram.com/zara__europe/winter sports style 2019 photo 8https://www.instagram.com/zara__europe/

Unlike a fur collar, the hood on the jacket looks more relaxed, relaxed. If you are a supporter of freestyle clothing, be sure to choose jackets with a hood.

https://www.instagram.com/zara__europe/winter sports style 2019 photo 9https://www.instagram.com/zara__europe/instagram.com/12storeez/https://www.instagram.com/zara__europe/https://www.instagram.com/zara__europe/

Another important function of the hood for women is that in bad weather it will perfectly cope with protecting your hair from wind, rain and snow. You don’t have to wear a hat or fear that styling was done in vain.

Winter jackets 2020 photo 22https://www.instagram.com/yanafisti/

And with what you wear a jacket with a hood in winter? Do you have your own winter style? Write in the comments which of the images presented in this article would you prefer.

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