20 cool winter images in pastel colors that you want to repeat!

In winter, it can be quite difficult to look stylish and not freeze. One is difficult, it does not mean impossible. Stylish images can be created at any time of the year and from any clothing, including top.


Today we’ll talk about how to dress stylishly in winter using pastel-colored wardrobe items. We have made for you a small selection of ready-made winter bows. Perhaps some of them will appeal to you.


Pay attention to the photo below. A chic dress of soft milk color goes well with a medium-length beige fur coat. At the same time, the shoes match the color of the decoration of the dress, which makes the image perfect.


However, not only with the help of beige shades you can create stylish delicate bows. The palette of pastel colors is very diverse. Light gray-blue color in clothes like no other needs emphasis. And snow-white sneakers and a small handbag perfectly cope with this role. You can see an example of such a combination in the following photo.


Pastel tones have a significant advantage over bright color palettes. It consists in the fact that several shades of one color are successfully combined in one image. With bright colors, this technique is not valid.


Assemble your winter bow from wardrobe items and accessories that are similar in color but different in hue and saturation. The following photo clearly shows how beautiful the combination of light beige with dark beige looks. The darker shade in this bow acts as a bright accent.

fashionable images in beige color autumn 2019 photo 16instagram.com/fashion4perfection/fashionable images in beige color autumn 2019 photo 14instagram.com/city_style_mood/Fashionable winter images in pastel colors photo 3https://www.instagram.com/12storeez/

Create your own unique images using a palette of pastel colors, combine shades to your taste and be unique. Experiment with images, but do not forget about the prerequisite – each bow must have color accents.

Do you have pastel colors in your wardrobe? Be sure to write in the comments which image for the winter you have chosen for yourself.

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