20 comfortable looks in the style of smart casual 2020

Modern women's styles combine elegance and versatility. The fact is that in this frantic rhythm of life we ​​must be in time to do everything; this applies to work, personal life and, of course, femininity and beauty. Of course, you have to turn around, always come up with new images, translating the best ideas into reality. Stylists help us to be always in fashion, therefore they offer more and more new solutions. Just one of such decisions is smart casual style. Perhaps not everyone has heard of him. And this is not surprising, because it was born recently.

Style features

Smart casual is a fashionable Italian style of clothing aimed at providing maximum comfort. Its main feature is functionality. Today, many prefer it to classic and business outfit. Consider the images of the direction.

smart casual 2020 photo 11https://www.pinterest.ru

Classic style clothes, only better. Very delicate colors. She does not look bored and at the same time offers several places at once where you can go in this outfit. Pay attention to the bag. It matches the image: large and roomy.

smart casual 2020 photo 18https://www.instagram.com/yanafisti/

Wide jeans and a jacket. Something a bit like a man's bow. But we often do not mind wearing really masculine things. And all because we feel free and comfortable in them, which is important in smart casual. Sneakers are the very shoes that we adore for convenience. Add a blouse and a handbag – the bow becomes feminine.

smart casual 2020 photo 17https://www.instagram.com/yanafisti/smart casual 2020 photo 16https://www.instagram.com/yanafisti/

Getting out of the soft pajamas in the morning, we are missing all day her comfort. There is a solution: we choose the right option for clothes for the day. Let it be trousers, a jacket and soft materials.

smart casual 2020 photo 15https://www.instagram.com/yanafisti/

A classic suit is an option for a business woman. Only now – this is not a tight-fitting blouse and a strict pencil skirt. The kit sits freely and does not hamper a single movement. And, of course, no heels, because this is not the most convenient option.

smart casual 2020 photo 14https://www.instagram.com/yanafisti/smart casual 2020 photo 13https://www.pinterest.rusmart casual 2020 photo 8https://www.pinterest.ru

Loose sweaters, sweaters, cardigans – all this is also included in smart casual. And even their bolshevatost will help ensure compliance with style. We combine them with trousers and jeans, and do not forget about shoes with flat soles. These bows are more suitable for everyday wear, friendships and meetings. But the work is in question, except that the dress code allows.

smart casual 2020 photo 7https://www.instagram.com/fashiioncarpet/smart casual 2020 photo 6https://www.instagram.com/fashiioncarpet/smart casual 2020 photo 12https://www.pinterest.rusmart casual 2020 photo 5https://www.instagram.com/fashiioncarpet/smart casual 2020 photo 10https://www.pinterest.rusmart casual 2020 photo 9https://www.pinterest.rusmart casual 2020 photo 4https://www.instagram.com/andicsinger/smart casual 2020 photo 2https://www.instagram.com/andicsinger/smart casual 2020 photo 3https://www.instagram.com/mint_label_/smart casual 2020 photo 1https://www.instagram.com/mint_label_/jeans with a white shirt photo 2https://www.instagram.com/nena_kay_/fashionable images in gray photo 2https://www.instagram.com/mint_label_/

The most important thing is practicality. Stylists did a good job in a new direction. And now, we have not only a beautiful, but also a comfortable style. I hope you have already come up with a new image.

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