16 examples of how to tie a scarf around the neck in different ways

With the advent of cold weather, scarves play an important role in the wardrobe. Fashion for them began a long time ago, however, to this day they remain relevant. As an integral part of the wardrobe, they are always in trend. Only models and styles change. The scarf gives the female look a charm and emphasizes her individuality. What models are not presented in modern boutiques. Which scarf to choose in the new season and what to wear with? So, we present to you a number of modern images.

16 examples of how to tie a scarf around the neck in different ways

Most often, a scarf is chosen to match the color of the shoe or any accessory. Some girls quite often choose a single color scarf. In this case, it should be neutral so that there is no color dissonance.

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We all love the classic sports style. In them we feel free and comfortable at any time of the year. Add a jacket to them, warm ourselves with a scarf and the perfect look is ready. Coarse scarves are a great option not only for winter, but also for autumn.


And then the image in combination with a coat. He looks free, but at the same time romantic. A scarf and sports shoes are sometimes the best alternative to high heels.

Until the street is completely cold, you can hold off your outerwear. A warm jacket or sweater in the color of a long scarf will create a unique image.


Voluminous scarves are what every girl appreciates. They emphasize the slimness of the figure, especially if the length of the scarf allows it.


A scarf in the form of a shawl will definitely not let you freeze. It can be worn over a sweater and then a completely different, unsurpassed image will turn out.


Wide scarves occupy a special position. They are suitable for both sports and romantic styles.


High boots, a coat and a long scarf. Pay attention to how much elegance is in this image. In general, any high boots in combination with a scarf will slim down the figure quite strongly.


Bad weather is not a reason to refuse stilettos. If you decide to go to them today, then pick up a lightweight style scarf so that it does not create an extra load on the image.


You can tie a scarf in many ways. Here is one of the most popular, forming a triangle shape on the chest. Classic methods do not go out of fashion.


Here are some more stylish bows.

how to tie a scarf around the neck in different ways photo 3https://www.instagram.com/liketoknow.it/how to tie a scarf around the neck in different ways photo 2https://www.instagram.com/liketoknow.it/

As you can see, the choice is huge. And how many different prints were created by modern stylists and designers. It’s not difficult to find something extravagant if you like everything unusual.

In 2020, scarves will not cease to be in trend. Therefore, it is important to have them in your wardrobe, because they are capable of a complete transformation of the image.

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