10 stylish things that go to all women at any age

The choice of clothes or shoes for women's wardrobe depends not so much on fashion trends as on the characteristics of the figure, size and weight of the girl. Fortunately, designers have long come up with universal things that absolutely suit everyone.


Sunglasses are not only universal, but also a necessary thing in the wardrobe. They must be of high quality in order to fulfill their protective function.

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We all at least once saw what a vest looks like. Alternating stripes of white and black. The vest itself is suitable for any style of clothing.

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Little black dress

As they say, every girl should have such a dress. If you combine it correctly with other things and choose accessories, you will get a chic look.

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Pencil skirt

Such a skirt will emphasize your strengths and hide flaws. A pencil skirt can be worn with a crop top, blouse or shirt.


Jacket with print or embroidery

Jackets can be worn both with a skirt and with trousers or jeans. Embroidery or prints emphasize your personality and complement the image.

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Voluminous sweater

Almost every girl in the wardrobe has a large sweater or oversized sweater. They can be combined with shirts or t-shirts.

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Dress simple silhouette

This dress has the shape of a trapeze. It can be supplemented with a belt, emphasizing the waist. You can leave it as it is and diversify with decorations.

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Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are a classic. Now they are worn in any weather and combined with any outfit. Really stylish and versatile thing.

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Slip on

Shoes are an integral part of the wardrobe. Slip-ons are universal. They are often worn with jeans, skirts, and short dresses. They are comfortable and not provocative. Be sure to get such a thing.

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Men's suit

It's no secret that girls wear men's clothing. Therefore, such a model of the suit will look stylish on any girl. The main thing is to choose pastel colors and with an interesting print.

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As you can see, most of the items presented are elements of the main wardrobe. One of the reasons for the ongoing fashion for classics is their versatility in many cases, the ability to combine with many items of clothing and shoes, as well as various accessories. These things provide a good look for women with any shape.

Do you have the items listed in your wardrobe? Write in the comments what you use most often.

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