Impeccable appearance disposes people around us. Following small secrets, you can always look elegant and attractive. 1. The bottom button of the jacket does not fasten. The top can be buttoned as desired. We always fasten the middle one. It is in this form that the jacket or jacket will […]

Bags are a necessary part of the wardrobe. They serve not only to wear things. Graceful bags are an integral part of the image of any woman. There are many types of bags. They vary in size, purpose, material, decor, way of wearing. Each season dictates a certain fashionable direction […]

MILAVITSA brand Belarusian company “Milavitsa” (read as “Milavitsa”) is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality and beautiful underwear for women. The brand appeared with the factory in 1991. Since then, the company has pleased customers with lingerie with the following advantages: affordable price, affordable for many; competent sewing without uncomfortable stitches; […]

The word casual literally translates as casual or casual. It is these key qualities that determine the fashion direction. Casual style is chosen by women who like to look stylish, modern and comfortable. In fact, creating an image in this style is not quite an easy task. Many rely on […]