To go on a skiing holiday resort you have left only positive impressions, make sure in advance about clothing. It should pick up before the trip to the resort. In regular warm clothes you can get wet and sweat, and so to a cold close. Therefore, the purchase of ski […]

Successful woman have to constantly emphasize their status. All her stuff needs to be stylish and expensive, though it concerns not only clothes or accessories but also car. Choosing a car, business ladies generally pay attention to luxury high-end models. Successful woman who occupies a high position in a large […]

Exotic diet on the shrimp and the pineapple thing is definitely nice, but not every woman can afford these expensive treats. Today women’s magazine JustLady offers you cheap effective diet that will help lose weight without causing substantial damage to the wallet. If you perform most well-known diets, we see […]

Caesar salad is a very nutritious and delicious salad. The basis of his recipe is chicken and lettuce Roman. Mix the salad before serving on the table, otherwise the bread croutons will soften. Caesar Dressing: – 40 g olive oil; – 5 g of anchovies; – 10 g capers; – […]

Yoga is an ancient Wellness system that teaches finding harmony between mind, body and soul. It is a set of exercises that have a beneficial effect on the mental state of man, his entire body and, consequently, on the shape. In the process of yoga takes place a complex effect […]

Bridge or bridge gymnastics – basic gymnastic exercise and serves as a Foundation for performing complex stunts in acrobatics. Very beautiful when viewed from the side and allows you to demonstrate to others your level of flexibility and physical fitness. Before performing the bridge be sure to warm them up, […]

The popularity of stylized weddings is steadily growing. This is a unique chance to get away from the cliches and to hold a celebration. Wedding in Russian-folk style – interesting, exciting and colorful spectacle, which is filled with ancient rituals, songs and rhymes under the balalaika, dancing, dances, speeches, the […]